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  • Onyx 24/7 - Creating Community Through Performance

    Onyx is much more than just a gym. Its a community, its passion, its FAMILY!!!

  • Meet Our Team!

    Bringing to you our Coaches at Onyx 24/7 providing you the chance to reach Peak Performance.

  • Spearwood Chiropractic - Now at Onyx 24/7

    Our partner in recovery and rehab 0481342837

  • Recovery Centre - Now FREE for Onyx 24/7 Members

    Our beautiful and relaxing Recovery Centre is now available for FREE, 24/7 for all of our Members.

  • Onyx Fitness Retreats - Thailand, NOVEMBER 2019

    Come and have a look at what is on offer in our next fitness retreat in Phuket, Thailand. Our all inclusive packages have you looked after from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. All you have to do is bring your A-GAME!

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Whether your a youth or masters athlete, an entrepreneur or CEO, a Mum or Dad or an average Joe, We all have areas in our lives where we need to perform and give our best no matter what obstacles are thrown in the way. Having a healthy mind and body are the foundations in building a vehicle to make that happen. Click the button below to book a free consultation with one of our expert coaches.

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