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Dealing with serious sports injuries and staying fit and motivated.

Posted on July 08 2016

Dealing with serious sports injuries and staying fit and motivated.

I'm pretty new to writing blogs and never really had an idea of what to write about. Very recently I suffered a very common but otherwise debilitating sports injury while playing football (soccer). Whilst running across the pitch I ran through and extremely muddy patch and the ball came across my path and in an attempt to change direction my foot got stuck in the mud and didn't want to move with the rest of my body. Then on came the immediate pain, oh so familiar from before. Team mates, opposition players and spectators all recalled the loud snap, very familiar with and ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injury. After a week of walking around on crutches today is the day I get my results back after the initial MRI's and X-rays.

As a Personal Trainer you see lots of different blogs that are rather generic and all seem to be aimed at the general population.

Taking all of this into account it made me think, this is a very common injury among professional sports athletes and many people who play a variety of sports at any level. After searching the web there is so much data and medical accounts of ACL and other knee injuries but not very many personal ones. The idea for my first blog was right there plain in the face to write my own personal account of how I deal with being injured. Like many people out there I use fitness, sport and training for mental sanity and to help relieve stress. Now that my injury has inhabited my ability to train how I want I hope to share some of my personal ups and downs on how I cope with training, rehabilitation, surgery, recovery and dealing with the physical and mental side and all different aspects of staying fit and healthy through injury. I know there are very many people out there who suffer from injuries everyday but that doesn't mean you have to suffer at all.

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