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Photos from Onyx Elite's post

Posted on March 26 2018

Photos from Onyx Elite's post
'GET FRESH LEGS FASTER' Now available at Onyx 24/7 - Rezarekt Recovery Centre. What is NormaTec Recovery? Normatec Recovery is the leader in rapid recovery – giving a competitive edge to the world’s elite athletes, coaches, and trainers. If you’re a runner, triathlete, cyclist, basketball player, fitness enthusiast or any other type of athlete looking for maximum recovery and performance, the patented Sequential Pulse Technology behind Normatec replaces older compression-pump based therapies to promote rapid recovery and help ensure that your muscles are healthy. As little as 20 minutes of treatment after a workout can greatly accelerate the soft tissue healing process and decrease recovery time. How Does NormaTec Recovery Work? Initially you will be fitted in the NormaTec Recovery Boots when they are deflated then once zipped up you will first undergo a pre-inflation phase to allow the boot to conform to your exact leg shape. The patented pulsed compression action will then begin with a sensation similar to kneading/massage action. Chamber by chamber the boots will fill working their way from your foot to hip, pushing fluid back in the direction of your heart to flush the leg. Once a cycle has completed the leg will deflate and fresh blood will flow back into the lower limb. Who Uses NormaTec? Used by many Professional Sporting Teams and well known Professional Athletes including: •NBA, NFL, AFL, NRL Teams •CrossFit Pro’s, Triathletes, Ironmen, Ironwomen, UFC Cage fighters •BMC Racing Team, Boston Celtics, St.Louis Rams, Adelaide Crows and many more… •Lebron James, Vitor Belfort, Kevin Garnett, Amare Stoudemire, Taylor Walker, Patrick Dangerfield, Adam Goodes, and many more….… Book in now!

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