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The SuperDad Initiative added 5 new photos.

Posted on June 28 2017

The SuperDad Initiative added 5 new photos.
Dads, guys, boys and men of Perth. Today The SuperDad Initiative started its latest campaign to improve the health and wellbeing of all dads, boys and men in the community. THE FAD (Fitness Academy for Dads) It started with just one but the numbers will grow fast. Starting again Monday (3/July/2017) we will be continuing to run a guys only fitness team. We want to get this as a regular thing for us guys to have a good team bonding training session much like that we get from the footie club lifestyle, to create an environment where dads and guys can socialise in a healthy manner while all working towards a common goal! If you're keen come along and try a session you can, and not just one! You can try this out for 3 sessions absolutely free. You're always welcome to bring mates. Training sessions will be from 530am-630am, Monday and Wednesday. As the numbers grow so will the amount of classes. So come on down and give it a shot. Fill in this form below and we will also give you a call to introduce ourselves and make you feel welcome as well as give you all the details on the location. >>><<< Have a great day guys and welcome to THE FAD (Fitness Academy for Dads)

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