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The SuperDad Initiative at The SuperDad Initiative.

Posted on August 11 2017

The SuperDad Initiative at The SuperDad Initiative.
Absolute solid session this am from Phil Phil is taking part in a 6 week challenge with the SuperDad initiative and traded 2 half hour sessions for a gruelling and testing one hour session. Using the New MYZONE system at Onyx 24/7 we were able to test Phil's limits by hitting the Red zone from yellow to increase his fitness for his up coming race. Taking into consideration that the Maximum amount of MEPs (Myzone Effort Points) that can be earned in a 1 hour session is 240 Phil got a solid 259 in 1 hour and 10 mins including his warm up, and he's still smiling. Solid session mate. Keep up the good work. To find out how you too can train in this way send us a PM. Rezarekt

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