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Ketone Diet UPDATE... Challenging? Yes! HFLC

Posted on October 15 2016

Ketone Diet UPDATE... Challenging? Yes! HFLC

All diets are challenging. This one however is a step up from the rest.

After a good solid 4 weeks on the Ketone diet so far there has been a lot learnt. I haven't ever watched my Macros so vigorously in order to achieve the goal I set out for myself. As we have gone through before we know that this diet is a very low carb diet and the monitoring of the Ketone levels has to be done with blood tests everyday, in the same way that diabetics monitor their blood. Lesson for the week here is that just because you are eating healthy does not mean that you are doing this diet correctly.

Lesson for the week here is that just because you are eating healthy does not mean that you are doing this diet correctly.

As I create all my meals for the week in bulk it is difficult to change something if the science is not right for that week. Previously I had been doing pretty well and managed to get my ketone levels up to 1.1. This week however they were only as high as 0.4 and with the optimum range being prescribed for this diet being 0.5-1.5mmol I was not in the optimum range. I then began to delve into the research books again and look at why. It turns out that White Cabbage and Broccoli although very good for you and not so high in carbs usually, are to high in carbs for this type of diet. Per 100g of White cabbage there are 6g of carbs and in 100g of Broccoli there are 7g of carbs. Although this is not a lot, my evening meal alone I was having 100g of each. That takes my carbs for the day to 13g and left me only 7g for the rest of the day spread over snacks and and 2 other meals. Also Feta cheese was another one I will have to cut back on this coming week. Although high in fat, feta has to many carbs to be able to add into this diet.

So this coming week out go the healthy carbs and a different concoction for the week. The aim this week is to really drop as much of the carbs as I can. There is an abundance of information on the internet and also on the back of packaging to help you out.

As the ketone levels have been out a little the weight loss has also slowed down and depending on when I have eaten, the weight has been fluctuating between 2-3kgs up and down.

One of the things you can't forget is to also up your water intake. Massively important.

Mood swings - These have been constant throughout this diet so far. The body has to take a massive adjustment when doing such a dramatic life change. No sugar and very little carbs means that it is somewhat different to what the body was used to. Sweet potato, pasta, rice, gatorade and many other things that the body used to use for energy has now gone and unfortunately it has not been as easy as to just flick the change switch. For a good few weeks the body looks for its former energy source and upon finding almost nothing the cravings and angry moods follow. Good news is that it has started to level out after week 4. Good news as I think the Girlfriend is ready to go 10 rounds with me. :)

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