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Ketone Diet - When You get it Right!!!

Posted on October 25 2016

Ketone Diet - When You get it Right!!!

Well what can I say...

When you get the science right it works.

I am finally half way through the diet and finally I have got the science right. Once it happens it really happens. Once the feeling of accomplishment and the effects of the diet kick in it really has made all of the studying and constant tweaking of the meals worth it. I have noticed that Its easy to turn down the beers because of the dedication, the sugar cravings and temptation of deserts has subsided, the desire for large amounts of carbs has been vanquished and most of all the mental grasp of the diet, that you have to completely re-learn and re-evaluate everything you thought you knew about nutrition is a massive win!

For those that want to know what have been eating have a look at one of the Facebook Nutrition videos I did below:



This is a massive Win!


 On to the good stuff. Ladies and Gents the proof is always in the photos. When I started this diet I weighed in at 95.6kg and over 26% body fat. I felt unhealthy, sluggish and in need of a change.


5 Weeks it and there have been some massive changes. I am down to 89.3kg which is a drop in over 6.3kg. I am off to get my Dexa Scan done tomorrow so I will be able to better update the actual results then but as things stand this is a massive change for me. If you look at the photos there has been a significant change around my waste. I am absolutely ecstatic with the results and I can't wait to see what results the final 5 weeks reveals as I really start to up the training.

Here We Go....


Thanks for Reading Guys...

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