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Onyx 24/7

Muay Thai & Boxing Membership

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Onyx 24/7's Muay Thai & Boxing is a cutting edge training facility catering for both men and women from beginner to professional fighters. Our training program is designed to meet your goals, whether you want to learn an effective means of self defence, or just simply get in shape. In addition to an intense full body workout you will develop speed, coordination, strength, stamina and agility, while learning innovative self defence skills for real world situations.

Onyx's Muay Thai and Boxing classes focus on the instruction of fundamentals, catering from the enthusiast, amateur and state level through to the advanced professional fighter. The combination of technique and skill, bag and pad work, sparring and clinching with strength and conditioning under the watchful eye of a combined 40 years combat sports experience.

Fight Team - $260/Month

12 Months - $180/Month

6 Months - $200/Month

3 Months - $220/Month


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