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Rezarekt Recovery Centre



Welcome to the ‘new’ Rezarekt Recovery Centre. We have recently revamped our space and will now offer a comprehensive service for recovery while working alongside Reflex Chiropractic to enhance your down time with various cutting edge protocols so you can focus on training at an optimum, injury free. Our recovery zone will also come with complimentary wireless headphones, Netflix, Nespresso coffee and a cold eucalyptus towel post session.




- Preparation is a key factor in any of life challenges. Preparation comes in many forms and often starts the circle of growth. Through any challenge whether physical or mental, education is a key part of preparation. Having the right tools, knowledge and understanding moving forward will always have you better prepared. Having a clear sense of WHY will always be paramount starting in your preparation through to the rest of the circle.



- Health is a very misunderstood word. We live our lives having the idea that we have health rather than understanding that health is, like most things a process. Physical health, internal health, mental health all create their own circle in keeping the human performing to their peak. This is where we use the preparation to our advantage. We train our bodies physically to stay functional and strong. We train our bodies internally by eating to support our inner systems to help fuel and repair. We train our bodies mentally to first understand the preparation but to put mechanisms in place not just cope but to thrive and preform to our true potential.



- Most often this is the most overlooked aspect in the circle. Sometimes this can be the entry point to the circle but still it is overlooked. Recovery is the time we take not only to let our mind and body heal, but to also relax, rejuvenate and to allow ourselves enough time to hone our present state. Whether physically you need to rest or relax your body, mentally switch off and let our mind be drawn away from over stimulation, or whether it is to honour a current situation that has shocked the body so badly normality seems a thing of the past, recovery is so important not only to rebuild but to allow the understanding of why to manifest into learning and feeling complete.


All three of these aspects are paramount to performance. If you miss one you narrow your chances of peak performance but if you don’t understand and live why, you narrow your chances of consistent performance. We focus on all three of these aspects to not only guide you into peak performance but help you live why!


Because we believe in individual human health and performance. We want to challenge the belief that there is a quick fix for everything. We want to challenge the belief that a pill will solve issues and a quick diet or get rich quick scheme will solve all issues. We want to challenge modern day thinking to make a change to the world. If all individuals work on their own key performance values rather than challenge the man to the left or right we would live in a better place.

So whats on offer:


NORMATEC Recovery Suit

Bringing you the very best in recovery and rehab compression therapy. Normatec is perfect for helping with post training recovery, pre-training warm ups, injury recovery and so much more.

Sessions are available for:

10 mins: $15
20 mins: $25
30 mins: $35

Either arms chest and back or legs. A hip and glutes option will be coming soon.


Promotes detoxification of heavy metals & toxins.
Increases circulation & oxygen supply to damaged tissues.
Boosts immune & cardiovascular systems.
Relieves pain in aching muscles.
Burns calories & controls weight. Burns up to 600 calories per 25 minute session.
Beautifies & cleans the skin and helps to remove cellulite.
Infrared penetrates 1 to 1.5 inches.
2 to 3 times more effective than traditional saunas.
Operates at a lower temperature than conventional saunas, but you sweat up to three times more.
A more comfortable heat.
Heats up in approx 10 to 20 minutes, (slightly longer in winter and for bigger saunas) this is a lot quicker
than the old traditional saunas.

Sessions are available for:
30 mins: $15
60 Mins: $25

HyperIce Joint Therapy 

Sessions are available for 15 mins per body part.







Click the book now button to see our NEW packages to help with your recovery. We also have memberships available which give you unlimited 24/hr access to all equipment.

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