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Group training is a fun and social way to get fit. These sessions are loaded with endless, energetic, high intensity, functional and innovative activities where the emphasis is on variety and results.
Clients have a choice of the following classes: AMPT, GRIND, SHREDDED, SCULPT & BOXA.
As part of Team X we have coaches that will be assigned to you to help you stay accountable to your goals and you will sit down and have a meeting with them each month to go over your goals and set new ones and this also gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have and have a direct point of contact for any extra assistance you may require.

The total cost to new customers for Team X is $180 per month. As existing members however we will offer the coaching upgrade for just $30 extra from what you are currently paying. If you do not wish to have the coaching upgrade (Highly Advised to Have it) there will be not extra cost other than your MYZONE belt if you don’t already have one.

12 Months - $190/Month

6 Months - $210/Month

3 Months - $230/Month

Here are the full inclusions for Team X.

- 24/hr Access to Onyx 24/7
- Access to all Fitness Classes
- Access to our Myzone community
- Access to the Team X community
- Discounted Onyx/Rezarekt gear and shop items. 
- A Myzone belt
- A coach assigned to you for support*
- Monthly accountability and goal setting sessions through Myzone*

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